Project Management

Projects of certain sizes require careful management to coordinate the individual parts and assemble them into an entire product. To achieve this, milestones have to be defined, divided in work packages, examined and approved. Regular meetings are included as well as the corrective intervention in the entire product life cycle. We offer an efficient management with following, but non-exclusive subareas:


Your project has to be carefully planned to proceed efficiently. This applies above all to innovative near field transmission projects. The TECFLOWER AG helps you to structure your project around the wireless energy transmission in clear, recognizable and realistic individual steps and milestones.

Project Leadership

Every team needs a good director to be really successful. Such a director does not necessarily consists of a single person, the term can be represented by a team or an entire company. As a serious and competent communicator TECFLOWER leads through your project. And more importantly, we achieve the development of your innovative product together.