AirFuel Alliance

Formed with the merger of Alliance for Wireless Power (AW4P) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA), AirFuel Alliance includes leading brands from a diverse set of industries. The Alliance and its member companies are working cooperatively on advancing wireless charging availability for consumer, industrial, medical and military applications. Supported by the AirFuel Alliance—a global, nonprofit consortium of industry leaders—AirFuel will offer a better user experience through the development of new wireless charging standards.

Wireless Energy Transfer / Contactless Energy Transfer

Electrical energy is transferred contactlessly by an electromagnetic field from one object to another.

Far Field Transmission

The far-field transmission is also called radiative energy transfer. Electromagnetic waves serve as a electromagnetic energy transfer. It is suitable especially for data transmissions.

Inductive coupling

The inductive coupling based on the magnetic flux and is composed of a transmitter and a receiver. Both contain a coil. For charging, they have to be placed on each other. The distance should be minimized in order to reduce the leakage.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The personal computer is increasingly being replaced by miniaturized computer, which finds itself directly in matters of our personal and professional lives. These things are interconnected, so that a high degree of automation can be achieved. IoT ensures, that our computer are barely noticeable and that they are almost completely beyond our attention. Regarding the future internet, not only humans but also objects interact.

Alternating Magnetic Field

By connecting a device to a power grid, an alternating magnetic field is created. This is essential for wireless power transmission.

Near Field Transmission

The near-field transmission is not called radiative coupling, because the wave phenomena have no influence, and they are based on other types of transmissions.


Open Systems Interconnection Model

The OSI model is a reference model for networking protocols and serves as a standard architecture to allow communication between different technical systems.


The Power Matters Alliance (PMA) has developed a standard for inductive charging of electronic products.


(Pronounced „Chee“)

QI is the standard for inductive charging for electronic products and was introduced by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) on an international level. The currently valid standard version is 1.2 and supports a capacity of up to 15 watts.

Resonant Inductive Coupling

With the resonant inductive coupling the transmitted energy is channeled by means of free oscillating circuits. This means that the distance between transmitter and receiver can be increased and as a result the efficiency increased too.


The process of the Alliance for Wireless Power employs a resonant magnetic coupling.


Radio-Frequency Identification

The information transfer RFID works on an automatic and contactless signal exchange via radio waves and is used to identify and locate objects. The transponder contains a unique code and is composed of a chip and an antenna that makes contact to an external reader via radio.


To this day, no standard for wireless power transmission could fully enforce. Two large consortia have exactly this goal: AirFuel Alliance with the standard for inductive charging, Powermat ‚and the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) with, QI’.


Wireless Local Area Network

WLAN refers to a local radio network, which information is transmitted on the basis of electromagnetic waves.

Wireless Power Consortium (WPC)

The WPC has it standard QI (pronounced chee), which is already very successful. Currently, the standard is already supported by more than 1,000 devices. QI uses a resonant inductive coupling between the transmitter and receiver, which exchange data in order to achieve an optimal energy transfer.


Regarding an inductive charging system, are there increased radiation levels?

No. The electricity only flows, when the receiver is docked to the station. Due to the proximity of two coils, the leakage of the magnetic flux is very low. Detailed measurements confirm this..

Compared to a commercial induction hotplate, the transmission power of small appliances is approximately 1500 times lower and can thus be neglected.

Takes charging with induction longer than with cables?

No. For the most common smartphone-power plugs the main plug loads two amps instead of one ampere .

Does the permanent inductive charge harms the battery of the smartphone?

No. The charging electronics of the mobile device controls the power consumption, as well as in wired loading. Thus, there is no difference to the previous charge.