Smartwatches are relatively new on the market of intelligent touch devices. They become more important and already spread quickly. The possibilities of using smartwatches are various, but are easily to differentiate from the uses of the better-known smartphones or tablets. The traditional wristwatch as a accessory has consolidated over centuries and is complemented by smartwatches. Whether alone or as a complement to an existing smartphone: smartwatches can be used as a fitness tracker, as a quick and unobtrusive source of information about incoming calls and messages, as schedules and companion throughout the day or just as a practical alternative for people who can effort an individual customized clock.

It is already becoming apparent, that smartwatches can be seen as an ideal way of mobile payment. By wearing the watch on the wrist, it is always within reach and allows a comfortable and fast payment via NFC. By identical sensors, which can be already found in smartphones, application areas of smartwatches are constantly growing and open up new areas of business and information sources: This compact representation of new types of information visualization are short, concise and on point. The ideal companion for a mobile life? Unfortunately not quite.

Already at the time of market launch, critical voices came up, asking about the useful life of smartwatches. A hazy picture emerges that does not fit in the progressive image of the smartwatch. Some of these watches do not have enough power for a day and even if: Who wants to wear a watch that needs to be hung from a cable every other day? Nothing else could be more disturbing.

Luckily TECFLOWER gives several solutions. Regarding the energy supply the TECFLOWER technology integrates and adapts the needs of your daily routine. The smartwatch recharge when you use the keyboard, when you relax on the couch: Magically you always have enough energy for the next day. The integration of the TECFLOWER technology not only offers advantages to users and manufacturers: The need for a separate charging port is eliminated, which, regarding design and structure, opens up new possibilities. A real device of freedom, completely wireless. Is it not exactly what you would expect from a watch? We help you to realize this dream. Contact us and we will show you our vision of a mobile future.