Smart Rings

Smart rings are the most interesting and versatile technology in the world of small mobile accessories. Smart rings can be equipped with small displays to inform you about messages and phone calls, sending out vibrations, measure the pulse and temperature. The most interesting component is the placement on the finger. By kinetically favorable position at the end of the arm, smart rings can capture every little movement by recording acceleration energy and thus offer an entirely new input device.

Whether as a tool for 3D-navigation programs, or gesture-based control of computer or connected smartphones: Most of what we do manual all day, could be intuitively solved with smart rings. Imagine, you are in a meeting receiving a phone call. It vibrates in your pocket and disturbs your concentration. In this case you have to mute your phone. You have to get your phone out of the pocket, press a button – or in the worst case, you must unlock your phone to reject the call.

Now the same situation with a smart ring: The ring gently vibrates and displays the caller’s name. Through an unobtrusive gesture with the hand, for example a slight shaking, indicates your smartphone to reject the call. Sounds like science fiction? No – All these things are already possible.

Would not there be the vexing issue of energy supply. There are attempt to extend the useful life of the smart ring by hand movements, but what if you sit quietly on the train, or at the computer? TECFLOWER has the solution and compensates – due to the limited size of a ring – the small energy supply. The smart ring recharge over your mousepad, or through your keyboard, or over your pocket, or over the armrest of the seat on the train. All this is possible today – with TECFLOWER by your side we can show you the future and join you on your exciting journey into a new interaction.