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<div style="width:100%; text-align:center"> <h3 class="uppercase-header">Smarthome</h3>

Come home and enjoy. The smart home and its residents benefit form the wireless technology. By sunset the sun protection will automatically shut down. When the residents come home, the radio with your favorite songs switch on just at the right volume and the oven is preheated. If you are out of carrots, smart home will order new one from the supermarket with delivery service.

If a baby cries, the parents will be informed by their smart watch by gentle vibrations that adjusts to the baby cries. You are always connected and are able to react without any unnecessarily interruptions. If you don’t wear the smartwatch the noise can be heard via speakers through the whole house. More over you can use this speakers as an home entertainment system.

These are just a few examples. Give your creativity free rein and ask us to advise you about the unlimited possibilities of TECFLOWER.