On the consumer market, the standardization of wireless and contactless energy transfer is inevitable for a successful markt launch. Regarding the custom development it could be possible, that a interoperability is unnecessary or even undesirable. In this case it is possible to optimize transmission systems to a higher efficiency and significantly lower customer’s costs. A simultaneous data transfer is also possible. Both the energy, and the data transmission can be designed bidirectionally.

In the current development, it is in most cases possible to completely dispense a charge controller. Contactless reception electronics, regulate the energy transmission and the charging of the battery. At any time there is a galvanic isolation between the transmitter and the receiver electronics. By this means, you can dispense with the charge controller as well as with an isolation transformer. This is the reason why wireless chargers are even possible, which can be produced with same costs as wired chargers. More over the charging convenience grows substantially.

Depending on requirements, the capacitive energy transmission has advantages over the inductive transmission. For example: the shape of the electrodes can be adapted very flexible, which makes the possibilities of housing design almost unlimited. Therefore TECFLOWER offers in addition to inductive energy transfer, the development of capacitive transmission systems. The optimization of resonant converters achieves a higher efficiency than inductive transmission systems.