Strategic Management

A strategic management gives you the opportunity to support your idea with manpower. We support you in your chosen areas, which you need to successfully launch your product.

Development of Business Cases

You have a business idea and ask yourself how that can be used in a best economical sense? When it comes to WiFi, QI, RFID or electronics around wireless energy transmission, then we are the right person to help you. We support you in the development of appropriate business scenarios and examine the potential profitability. We work out alternatives and help you to get certainty, that your business idea is worth to be pursued.

Strategy Development

If a business case has emerged, the way to success has to be defined. We will show you different possibilities, challenges, chances of success and assist you in choosing your individual path.

Business and Financial Planning

The business plan helps you to have your starting point in view and to keep in mind to find and convince partners from different sectors with specialized knowledge of contactless energy transfer. Well prepared, you have every chance to find the best partner for your project.

Evaluation of Market Potential

The market potential is particularly interesting for potential investors. We help you to convince them by collecting needed arguments so that you can provide perfect arguments in negotiations with potential investors so that no questions remains unanswered..

Assistance in finding investors

Potential investors are quickly found, but not every investor is suitable as a partner. The challenge is, to find suitable partners and convince them of your idea, so that they are willing to carry the risk of a new product development. Maybe you can get a long-term financier, who supports you with expertise around QI (induction), WiFi, RFID or electronics and gives you suggestions about recurring tasks. With TECFLOWER as a professional partner we overcome ever hurdle. Enjoy the moment, when you project meets with approval and encouragement, which will help you on your further way. We will gladly support you in every aspect. We are looking forward to hear from you!