With a review you can be sure, that you have chosen the right path. To provide you a critical overview of your project,here can be divided in user-specific and technical aspects. Thus you can ensure that you have every detail in mind.

Technical Analysis

TECFLOWER studied your wireless product on every detail and create a detailed review report with all necessary technical data. As a part of the document, risks and recommendations can be developed on request. Here, both country-specific policies as well as material and possibly health and environmental regulations has to be observed. Especially in the field of wireless energy transmission and radio technology there are guidelines on which you have to pay special attention. TECFLOWER keeps all these things in mind and offers you a complete package of consulting and expertise.

Usability- und User Experience-Testing

A product for end users only receives its raison d’être if it is actually used after launch. This applies in particular to innovative products in the field of wireless energy transfer. The legitimacy is guaranteed by being easily handled. TECFLOWER will help you to find, identify and implement these desirable properties of your product. Thus, development always takes place user and application orientated, to integrate your product where you want: As a part of a technic, wireless and innovative world.

Diploma and PhD Thesis

Whether your diploma or doctoral work around the near-field coupling is a success or not, can be decided through the appropriate review partner. TECFLOWER checked your work not only for accuracy, but also helps you at your superstructure with the correct words and language. Our employees have published different bachelor-, master- and doctoral theses and have the necessary expertise and technical vocabulary skills in fields of Computer Science, Business Science and Engineering. On request we will gladly provide relating material.