Research and Development

Our research department is available with a huge know-how, which already leads to successfully realizations and product launches. The field of research and development is divided into several sections. We are happy to advise you in a personal conversation not only to put pen to paper, but also to realize your vision of wireless loading.

Requirement Analysis

Maybe you already know what you want to achieve, but can not appoint the exact solution. Or are faced with challenges and miss the wood for the trees in a world or wireless energy transfer.

TECFLOWER offers concrete recommendations on which changes you have to make and which necessary measures have to be taken. Of course the final decision of which path (around QI, WLAN or RFID) you want to follow, is up to you.

Feasibility Studies

You already have a product idea about near filed transmissions, but do not know whether this can be implemented? Congratulations, a brilliant idea is the first and essential step for the beginning of an exciting process. We check your ideas through every possible scenarios. You will receive a feasibility study, which includes technical, legal, economic, ecological aspects in order to risks and rewards. This study also functions as financial or technical support. We are happy to support you in this new field. Take the first step of a potentially world-changing journey. TECFLOWER will be pleased to help!

Product Development

In case the concrete technical realization is not yet one of your company’s core competence and if you need expert support in the field of inductive coupling, resonant inductive coupling, capacitive coupling, WiFi, RFID and matching electronics, we will be pleased to take all the necessary sub-steps for you to complete the process of product development. Design is as important as ergonomics and a unique user experience. Focus on your strengths and leave the product development of your wireless idea to us. It is completely up to you, which processes are in our hands and which not. We are pleased to join you on your way.