The production of a specific product in the world of wireless energy transfer is an exciting and complex process, in which you have to keep a lot of things in mind. The TECFLOWER AG has acquired extensive experience and expertise on the way to a marketable product, which we would like to share with you. We offer you inter alia the following services:


The prototyping of wireless product is one of our core competencies and your personal key to success. With a working prototype you have created tangible facts and are able to show credibility with investors, partners, your own company and with your employees. With the creation of a prototype you have realized, that your idea is not just a dream. This allows you to improve your company’s potential and optimize your wireless product. Prototyping is an irreplaceable step on your way to success and allows you to bring your product to life.

Manufacturer Evaluation

Manufacturers of various materials, that you need to produce your product are ten a penny. Finding the right partner can quickly get out of control. The TECFLOWER AG already has a strong global network around wireless power transmission and is able to provide you quickly and accurately the right contacts. Hereby we go even one step further and check your individual needs and show you around near field transmissions, which manufacturer have which possibilities at what price. We analyze the target market and batches and keep the balance between price and quality. Of course we will offer you alternatives as well as a professional advice regarding processing, delivery coordination and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Commissioning & Quality Assurance

The commissioning of producers in the field of induction, WiFi or RFID has to run properly not just from a legal point of view. The quality of the long-awaited wireless product could suffer from inaccurate, interpretable or even false contracts. TECFLOWER is well versed in quality assurances and is able to minimize your risk of defective parts, so that your product comes to the customer as planed. Quality assurance is a recurring process, which leads to a constant and consistent long-term customer-binding and strengthens the confidence in your brand.