When marketing your product around the wireless power transmission, we rely on professional partners and work closely with specialists and with local as well as international agencies. The TECFLOWER AG completes this professional marketing and communication know-how with a huge range of expertise in the field of wireless energy transmission. By working with us you will receive access to an efficient network.


A clear strategic orientation and the associated strong brand gives your wireless product an identity. With this identity you are not only able to sell your product, but also this identity serves as orientation for further developments of the company and other wireless products. We develop with you a vision, a corporate identity and also a design, that can be seamlessly identify with your product and ensures a high recognition value.

Structure and Distribution

The pinnacle of a company lies in the development of the sales. Because here the actual transformation of performance takes place. We specialize in the distribution of wireless devices. This is primarily characterized by a unique network, which allows you to connect yourself as our customer. A well-structured and elegant website is also a part of distribution. With us and our partners you will get the lastest technology just in time.

Market Launch

The market launch of your near field transmission product has to be well planned. It is your business card for a long-term cooperation with your partners. TECFLOWER is always available for specific needs, so that the launch of your product succeed as well as possible.

Product Lifecycle

A product passes through various cycles, from the market launch to the end-of-life phase up to the introduction of a successor or a modified version. This also applies to the emerging technology of contactless energy transfer. Those who are familiar with this industry-dependent cycles can anticipatory planning and expand or short individual cycles as required, to earn as much money as possible. Of course, with foresight and always with a clear goal in mind: Long-term, stable and continuous presence in the market with a high quality product, which will be recommend by the customer even after years and permanently bind them to your business.