The challenge in wireless loading is, to cleverly combine technologies of induction, RFID and WiFi with matching electronics. This leads to innovative solutions, which can both fulfill individual needs of customers and manufacturers.

We at TECFLOWER accept this challenge with passion and have developed processes to support you from the first concept through development up to commercialization. Every product and every process requires an individual approach, as well as every electronic product has an individual charge- and user experience. With the diversity of our services we take account of, that there can be no general solution. We offer you the best we can: individual, elaborate and excellent service with personal on-site support form the first to the last step.

The everyday life of our customers and the usage of their devices, inspires us during the development of our technologies. If you want to realize your idea with us, certain automatisms allow a first insight into the product development and give further conclusions about future results. The intuitive, normal handling with technology is part of our everyday life. The energy supply should be paid less attention and make room for the essentials: The people. Here we would like to inspire you.

You are searching for solutions for specific challenges? Or do you want to take the first step towards wireless loading? We are pleased to help with following consulting services:


Before thinking about the creative process, you should have a specific idea of your product. We will be pleased to help. Read More.

Research & Development

Our research department is divided into three categories:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Product Development

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The production includes besides other processes:

  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturer Evaluation
  • Commissioning & Quality Assurance

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Project Management

The project management can help you with specific planning and project management. Further information is available on corresponding heading.

Strategic Management

Our strategic management includes following categories:

  • Development of Business Cases
  • Strategy Development
  • Business and Financial Planning
  • Evaluation of Market Potential
  • Support in the search for Investors

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The development of a product is not the end of the creative process. Besides other tasks there are areas like:

  • Technical Examination
  • Usability and User Experience Testing
  • Diploma and PhD Thesis

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Regarding development, one of the most important steps is marketing. We support you with:

  • Branding
  • Structure and Distribution
  • Market launch
  • Product Lifecycle

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