Wireless Energy. Any Time.

This is Tecflower

The TECFLOWER AG is the leading specialist for wireless power and data transmission and for associated electronics. The company has always kept pace with the times and the employees are always informed about latest technological achievements. Proven systems such as induction, NFI, Bluetooth or WLAN are used to find innovative and individual solutions for customers.

Our Mission

Depending on diverse requirement our team plays a leading role in the communication between researchers, developers, investors, manufacturers and suppliers. In this capacity, we offer services in a 360 ° spectrum of research and development, from prototyping to marketing.

Business Areas

  • Research and Development 100% 100%
  • Prototyping 100% 100%
  • Marketing 100% 100%

Endless energy in a never-sleeping world. ABOUT TECFLOWER


Our customer obtains everything from a single source when his idea, his product or his business case is around contactless energy transfer.


TECFLOWER is the perfect business partner for your specific needs and is known for a 100% customer satisfaction.


Firststrasse 15
8835 Feusisberg
Phone: +41 43 535 92 63
Email: info[at]tecflower.com