Smart Glasses

In 2012 Google™ firstly presents smart glasses, also known as data glasses. This new type of wearable devices not only opens up new possibilities of informations processing, but also of information acquisition. Because of the traditional design of normal glasses, a completely new typ is created to notice one’s own life in images and sounds. Sports, important meetings or events: Everything is exactly reproduced, as you have experienced it at this moment.

The integrated display and the possibility of connection with a smartphone or -watch, allows you to have the most important information of the everyday life literally at a glance. There was a traffic accident and a detour is recommended? The smart glasses indicate it and show a new adapted navigation. The stock price changes and forces you to quick action? Without further delay, this information is shown to your attention area. The birthday of your loved ones also can be detained as simply as the decisive goal in a match – at any time and by simple voice commands or by a touch of a button.

Smart glasses have so many benefits, why there are so less on the street? The main problem for the current manageable dissemination is the energy supply. A compact case as in normal glasses must be as light as possible. Limited space means small batteries, and consequently, a very limited useful life.

Nothing could be more detrimental to the concept of smart glasses as a short useful life – what can counteract more to freedom than a dependency on the next socket? What is good about smart glasses and its various possibilities, if we are depend on cables?

TECFLOWER provides ideal solutions. Our products and solutions in the field of wireless loading make it possible to exploit the full potential of this fascinating wearable devices. With TECFLOWER by your side as a specialist for wireless loading, you will get into the wireless future – we will be pleased to advise you and looking forward to a good cooperation!