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<div style="width:100%; text-align:center"> <h3 class="uppercase-header">Wireless Headphones</h3>

What do you associate with the term „Wireless Headphones?“ Of Course: wireless music experiences. Enjoying the music, while sitting on the couch or walking carefree through the apartment. Combined with active noise cancellation, you can move freely through the city, listening to an audiobook while relaxing in an aircraft or lie in the gras listening to soothing sounds. While sports, you can enjoy the full freedom of movement and ensure, thanks to optimized technology, a better grip in the ear. But nowadays headphones can much more.

Regarding to the latter example, wireless headphones support your physical actions by measuring the pulse or the temperature. If a determine heart rate exceeds, your device gives notifications.

As a lifestyle product, wireless headphones meanwhile arrived in the middle of society. Whether as colorful or inconspicuous earplugs with circumaural cups – there is something for everyone in the wide range of devices of TECFLOWER. What could be better than to support this feeling of freedom through wireless loading. The integrations of the latest QI technology is no problem – and in combination with WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC, there is a perfect way of listening – wirelessly and truly free.