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Wireless loading concerns the automotive industry, both the vehicle itself as well as the interior, which offers passengers more and more entertainment possibilities during travels and waiting times. The current technic status shows that the majority of travelers is based on comfort and a substantially purified driving. The journey as an event – what is more satisfying than the integration of limitless freedom in form of wireless technology?

If the vehicle is electrically charged by induction, everything what you have to do is to place the vehicle at the right place. Plugging the cable is no longer necessary. Smart cars can learn where the next electric filling station is and can decide when they have to go there. Sounds like science fiction? No, it is already reality. Electric vehicles are very popular and thus produces in series – the next step towards wireless loading is done.

The interior offers various charging stations for smartphones or other energy-requiring equipments. In this way they can be recharged at every time and stay available. Regarding endless energy, we have taken a huge step forward. Please contact us anytime for more information und let us demonstrate how these and other technologies are already being used with success.