Fitnesstracker are already integrated into many smart devices, but also separate devices with extended functions enjoy great popularity. Not only in sports fitness tracker are used as a highly specialized medical monitoring device, they are also increasingly used by doctors and hospitals. Thanks to this accurate and fast data acquisition, specialists can reacted directly, when data change. Long-term studies give information about the general constitution and the way of life. Besides the heart rate and the skin temperature, fitness tracker are able to sensor respiration and of course any body movements. How restfully do you sleep? How many steps have you walked? Using a fitness tracker you get an independent and accurate overview of your general physical condition, which is offered in many shapes and colors. These add ons make a seamless integration into today’s everyday life possible. Whether as a bracelet, anklet or even as a face or chest band: for all ages they are available in all shapes and colors. What could be more satisfying than to eliminate the annoying change of batteries? The wireless technology of TECFLOWER makes it possible. The device is very small, light and does not require any opening. Even the use underwater is absolutely unproblematic. In this way doctors are able to track vital parameters of divers. Contact us and learn more about the possibilities of wireless loading.