Application Areas

The application areas of wireless loading are very diverse and almost limitless. Because of this wide range of applications, we are just able to show you the most important devices. We hope that you get inspired – whether to establish something completely new or to integrate future-proof technologies into existing products.

Wireless loading is used in different performance classes: Transmit applications to sensors or RFIDs (transmit a few microwatts (μW), low-power systems for charging mobile phones and similar devices or also supply energy for medical systems. Mid-power applications are used for laptops, lamps or cleaning robots with up to 30 W. High-power applications are recommended in the field of transport and automobiles (up to 100 kW for charging i.e electric vehicles). This huge range of advantages makes WPT for recharging electric vehicles the method of choice. The needed electromagnetic fields have to be installed at not accessible areas under the vehicle. The field values in accessible areas have to conform with the emission values from NISV (including recommendations of the ICNIRP). In well optimized systems this can be ensured.